We are excited that you are considering joining our 01 family and look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions along the way then let us know here.  However, please remember that our time is short, just like yours, so please consult the FAQ page for your answer before sending us an email.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Applicant's Name
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Please describe what inspired you to start a company based on your idea, what domain expertise you have in the area, and what's new about your approach.
Be super creative (pun intended!)
Please describe the current or planned company structure and each member's position and stake within that structure. If you have investment from an investor, please tell us about their shareholding here
Are you, the company or any member of the team subject to non-compete agreements or intellectual property restrictions (including code produced by a non team member)? Please explain.
Contact Details
We suggest that you create a short (max 3 min) video about your idea, why you're applying to 01 and why you should be selected. Feel free to use any video site but we suggest youtube or vimeo. See the FAQ page for suggested content.
Please share the link to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder where you have saved all supporting documents you feel will help us make our decision (eg. pitch decks, financials, product details, user numbers, performance details, team bios). See the FAQ page for further suggestions.
Tell us why you want to join the 01V family and anything else that you think might be relevant in our decision making.