What is 01Ventures?

01Ventures is a venture capital fund and a startup studio. We invest in startups financially AND we provide all the other necessary support to help them scale.

What stage of startup are you looking for?

Our sweet spot is startups who have taken their product to market and have shown signs of early traction (not necessarily revenue). Our studio team have a lot of experience scaling startups, so this is where we believe we can add the most value.

What is your startup studio?

Firstly, our startup studio is NOT an accelerator! We do not help you build / perfect your product. It is 24/7 support and advice available to our portfolio companies who are ready to scale, and is free of charge. Simply put, it is a commitment to our belief that capital is only one ingredient needed for a startup to succeed. In our experience, start-ups rarely fail because they haven't got enough money, rather they are unable to scale right. Our studio team, mentors and extended network will make sure you are prepared for any obstacle that raises its ugly head.

What kind of support can you offer?

Check out our About page to learn some more about our studio team and the skills they can offer. These guys can and will help with everything from general strategy, to operations, growth, product development and fundraising. We also have an extensive network of mentors; so really for any problem you have, we can find someone to help you through it. We promise to bend over backwards to help you succeed, remember it's also in our interest for you to do so ;)

How involved are you?

We have two types of help available to you once you are in the programme. The studio team will help you focus on the core issues, provide structure, and work with you to solve each challenge. However telling you the best way to do things is just not our thing, in fact we have a hard time with people who do that. We respect your role as the founder and expert, and will never make a decision for you; we will simply challenge you on business principles along the way and work with you to build the best business possible.

Our mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, or investors who offer a huge wealth of invaluable experience. When you join, we will match you to potential mentors. We want the mentors who help you to be genuinely interested in your business, as this means everyone will get the most out of the relationship. As the best mentors don’t have a huge amount of time, we recommend you utilise them as you would a non-executive board member. Get their advice on key decisions, with an introduction to someone in their network and to counsel you by sharing their experiences.

When does this support begin?

Each case is different. Of course, the studio is available for all startups that we've invested in. But a few of our portfolio companies join 01Ventures before they begin the process of raising venture capital funding. In this case we can provide the support and network necessary to get investment ready. We strongly encourage this because it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better; we take an extremely hands-on approach, so it's vital that we get on and are confident that we can work together going forward.

Do you have a preferred type of startup?

Yes and no. We are market agnostic as long as it is big enough. However we do have a particular preference for deep tech solutions with a b2b/enterprise focus.

Do you provide office space?

No, we do not. However, we do provide all the meeting/event space you need to work with us and receive training.

Do I have to be a London/UK based startup?

Nope. Neither must you be willing to relocate. Our commitment is to all European startups regardless of where you are.

What should the pitch document include?

For starters, please don’t send us a business plan! Most importantly, please keep it succinct; a concise pitch document is a good pitch document.

Again, we don’t want to be overly prescriptive but at a minimum we will expect some basic details about your company. These might include: a bit more detail of the area you’re startup is focused on, an explanation of your business idea/ hypothesis, a summary of your research into the competition/ alternative products, a short profile for each of your team and further relevant information about your startup (i.e. details of other investors/ shareholders who are not the founders etc.).

When describing your idea, you might think about including details like:

  • Why you picked this idea?
  • How you know there is demand for your idea/product?
  • What is new about your idea/ product?
  • What is your edge over existing products? What is it that you’ve spotted that will make your business win customers/ users that the market hasn’t?
  • Your current target customer and user acquisition plan?
  • What challenges/ weaknesses do you see in your business/ idea?
  • How you plan to generate revenue from your business, and your best guess as to what you think the revenues can be in 3 years?