We only invest in deep technology startups who have already taken their product to market, have demonstrated early signs of traction (not necessarily revenue) and are now looking to scale their business. 

We like to be the first institutional investor in these startups.

The startup studio is available free-of-charge to our portfolio companies. No catch. 

We deeply believe that capital only represents part of a strong venture capital investment, and of course it is in our interest for you to succeed! 

Our 6-man studio team, made up of outstanding individuals with great entrepreneurial stories, work closely with our portfolio founders in every aspect of the day-to-day business.

We also provide access to an extensive network of advisors and mentors, to ensure our startups are well equipped for any problem that raises its head. 

A few of our portfolio companies join 01Ventures before they begin the process of raising venture capital funding. 

In this case we can provide the support and network necessary to get investment ready.

We strongly encourage this because it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better; we take an extremely hands-on approach, so it's vital that we get on and are confident that we can work together going forward. 



We want to be part of the change you envisage for the world.