Scott is a serial entrepreneur who brings more than 32 years of progressive business experience and a strong passion for creating innovative products and services. His entrepreneurial roots began in 1980 at age sixteen when he founded his first business venture Ultimate Entertainment; a mobile entertainment company. This early foray into the business world ultimately resulted in the sale of his company in 1990 after ten years of successful operations.
A military veteran, Scott entered the Canadian Armed Forces in 1983 where in addition to running his company, he became cross-certified, first as a Naval Shipwright with the Navy, then as an Aerospace Engineering Technologist with the Airforce.  In 1993, Scott returned to business where he has since served in various senior roles, either as the lead entrepreneur or as senior team member within the advanced manufacturing, hardware, software, internet and mobile technology sectors.

Scott is a specialist at product ideation and is well versed in the practices of moving an organization from concept through to commercialization. Scott is also a student mentor and frequent guest speaker at the University of Victoria's Peter B. Gustavson School of Business on the subject of value co-creation for early-stage companies.