Ton van ‘t Noordende to join deep tech VC 01Ventures as CEO.

Ton van ‘t Noordende to join deep tech VC 01Ventures as CEO.

Amsterdam, Feb 6 2018.

01V, the leading early and growth stage investor in European deep technology adds Ton van ‘t Noordende as it’s CEO. Ton was previously Partner at Keadyn Ventures - a Rotterdam & Amsterdam based seed stage investor that managed to become one of the leading brands in VC in the Netherlands in just under 3 years. He brings over 10 years of experience in investing and building startup companies. 

Ton has been an active player in the European tech scene, having worked on several large projects that were built to empower entrepreneurs and investors, like Angel Island, CapitalFest, StartupFest. He is a board member at the Amsterdam Capital Week and the Investor In Residence at StartupDelta, working closely together with HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, on a mission to create a gateway into Europe via the Netherlands.

01V focuses on early and growth stage investments in powerful themes, writing the next chapter of the story of humanity. 

Ruben Nieuwenhuis, Director StartupAmsterdam: 
"Amsterdam has established itself as a leading European tech hub in the last years. Ton is a huge contribution in that success and growth. He is one of the unique assets a local ecosystem can only wish for — always busy connecting and educating people. Amsterdam is honoured in welcoming 01V and we look forward to working together with Ton and his team”.  

So far 01V has made 3 investments: London-based Bibblio ( who have built the world’s most advanced knowledge discovery engine; Helsinki-based Volossa ( who have built a market leading video AI which understands video the way a human does; and New York-based Teralytic ( who have developed a precision agriculture solution for monitoring soil health.

01V will focus on the following key areas: Decentralization, data & machine intelligence, automation, enabling technologies and human-computer interaction*.

Correy Voo, Founding Partner of 01 Ventures & a former CTO of UBS Bank
“Over my career, I have seen many founders who are building deep technologies that address complex problems having to move to the US to get the funding and grow their businesses. What then happens is the value from these innovations and businesses, which originated from Europe, benefits the US ecosystem and comparatively little trickles back to Europe. I’ve seen first hand over years the calibre of European deep technology, and through this fund would like to increase funding to these types of companies and help increase the value captured here in Europe from their eventual successes.”

01V is headquartered in Amsterdam and has an office in London with plans for expansion into the Nordic region. The current Founding Partners are Eeswaran Navaratnam, Chris Haley, Correy Voo and Ton van ‘t Noordende. They will look to invest primarily in Europe. 

Ton van ‘t Noordende, explains: “Europe’s educational institutions focus on the fundamental skills required for deep tech: engineering, maths and natural sciences. From radio and the jet-engine to surgical robots, WiFi and Raspberry Pi, Europe is a leader in technologies that change how we live. I’m extremely bullish on the state of deep tech in Europe. We see more and more startups that manage to create borderless technologies and scale out of their local environments.”

European deep tech investments have risen by 40 % from 2016 to $3.5B in 2017. 

01V is uniquely positioned to find, attract and invest in those pioneers in tech. The Partners have a diverse background, ranging from engineering and entrepreneurship to traditional investment management and Global CTO roles. 

Founding Partner Chris Haley:
“We are excited to welcome Ton to the team. Having worked with him across the European ecosystem we knew that his skills, knowledge, network and, most importantly, his passion toward entrepreneurs in Europe would be the perfect fit for 01V.  We are on a mission to work with Europe’s exceptional deep tech talent to drive impactful technological advancement in the world and we are thrilled to include Ton with us on this journey.”

Assessing the startups that are active in the emerging technology space requires more than just the ability to apply financial metrics. It requires extensive, in-house knowledge from the partners themselves as well as their global network of technologists. 

For more information, please contact:
Ton van ‘t Noordende,, +31624732500
Eeswaran Navaratnam,


* Defining the 5 key investment areas for 01V.

blockchain, intelligent IoT, Edge computing

Data & machine intelligence
AI and machine learning
Graph database technology

Autonomous vehicle technologies

Enabling technologies
Energy storage technology
Quantum computing 

Human-computer interaction
Human-machine convergence (e.g. neural lace)

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Ton van 't Noordende treedt toe tot deeptech VC 01Ventures als CEO

Ton van 't Noordende treedt toe tot deeptech VC 01Ventures als CEO