Christian Giannini

Christian is an emerging markets specialists with a proven track record of helping businesses reach their potential through strategic market penetration and an in depth understanding of the financial and regulatory landscapes that often hinder growth. His global network of professionals and financial acumen was seeded in the corridors of Robertson Stephens Investment Bank in San Francisco, and then continued on into Shanghai where he learned from two of the original China experts, Jenny Hsui & Robert Theleen, at ChinaVest Merchant Bank. After relocating to Amsterdam in 2010, Christian has focused solely on impact investing throughout the Arab & Muslim world. Today, Christian splits his time between Amsterdam and the rapidly changing environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

When Christian is not trudging through the sands of the Middle East, you can find him with his wife and two children, on the water chasing the wind or in the mountains eyeing spines & lines for their next ski adventure. Christian holds an undergraduate degree in international business from The University of San Francisco, and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.