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Eiso Vaandrager

Eiso is a seasoned private equity and venture capital investor who also has entrepreneurial experience in both Europe and the US.  His entrepreneurial career also includes an impressive history of technology innovation.

Eiso was part of the core team that built the first Dutch solar car, which won the World Solar Challenge in 2001. He is also a shareholder and active participant in Aigency, a platform for bringing AI solutions to corporates. Through his work with Delft University he was the founder of Project March, a student team using AI and robotics to build an exoskeleton which has been used to help people with spinal damage to walk again. Eiso was also shareholder and Commercial Director of Formula Zero, a hydrogen fuel cell racing company.

In addition, Eiso is the founder of TEDxEverest, TEDxUnitedNations and a board member of TEDxAmsterdam and co-founder of NOVUS Summit at the United Nations in New York and set up the investor track at Startup Fest Europe 2016 while working closely together with HRH Prince Constantijn.,