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Elizabeth Lawler

Elizabeth is an academic-turned-entrepreneur powered by sterling credentials and philosophy to remove ego from company decisions.

Elizabeth is currently an angel investor at XXAngels, founded with Zoe Barry (CEO of ZappRx), a firm which focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of startup formation.   She was recently Vice President, DevOps Security at CyberArk responsible for CyberArk’s DevOps business strategy and execution.  She is currently an advisor to several Boston based startups.  

Prior to CyberArk, Lawler was CEO and co-founder of Conjur, a DevOps security company (acq. by CyberArk). Lawler has over 20 years of experience working in highly regulated and sensitive data environments and over $120M in combined exits. Prior to founding Conjur, Elizabeth was Chief Data Officer of Generation Health (acq. CVS Caremark).  Prior to being an entrepreneur, Lawler held leadership positions in research at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Elizabeth is proud of the culture she cultivated at Conjur and assists women innovators in engaging authentically as women, especially in the cybersecurity field which is dominated by men.When Elizabeth is not developing her next big idea, she competes in off-road races. She built her own street legal Rally Car- that she sometimes drives to soccer practice.